Ladan Mostaghimi, MD

Founder and President

For 16 years Dr. Mostaghimi directed the University of Wisconsin-Madison Psychocutaneous Clinic in the Department of Dermatology, helping patients with complex ailments that have their root cause in either or both disciplines of Dermatology and Psychiatry.  She left her clinic to expand her research and clinical work in a more independent setting. 

She has since established Wisconsin Psychocutaneous Clinic as an autonomous private practice in Madison. 

The primary role of the clinic is education and consulting other physicians, so that in collaboration, we can care holistically for patients with Psychocutaneous ailments.  

Dr. Mostaghimi also offers general Psychiatry consult services to medical practices.

Dr. Mostaghimi is now a proud Emeritus professor and an Honorary Associate/fellow of the college of Letters and Science/Integrative biology at UW Madison.  

 Contact :

Phone number: +1 (608) 770-7221


About me

I worked as a primary care physician from 1986 to 1989 and then started my first set of residency training in dermatology at Claude Bernard University in Lyon France.

Later, I immigrated to the United States and completed a residency in psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I later joined the Faculty in the Department of Dermatology, establishing and directing the Psychocutaneous Clinic in addition of seeing dermatology patients. 

After my residency, in addition to working for the UW- Madison dermatology department, I have worked as a psychiatry consultant for different organizations including Madison Psychiatric Associates, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Department of Corrections as well as Mendota Mental Health Institute.  I am ready to bring my extensive experience to Wisconsin Psychocutaneous Clinic and work in an autonomous setting to offer psychiatry consult services to a broader population.

I established this Clinic in 2018 to explore a free standing model of providing specific psychiatry services to other physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of complex mind and skin diseases.  In addition to Psychocutaneous disorders the clinic also offers psychiatry consults for adults from primary care offices and other settings in need of general psychiatry services.



Clinical Professor, UW/SMPH Department of Dermatology; July 2015-Retired April 2018 -with Emeritus status

Director of Psychocutaneous Clinic, UWHealth; May 2002-Retired April 2018

UW Madison SDRC (Skin Disease Research Center) executive committee member, and Gender and Minority program leader: September 2014-April 2018

Assistant Medical Director, Department of Dermatology Clinical Trials Program; April 2007- 2015

UW/SMPH Department of Psychiatry; May 2002 to April 2012.
Department of Corrections: July 2010, January 2011
General Psychiatrist, Madison Psychiatric Associates; October 2001- September 2010
Clinical Assistant Professor, UW/SMPH Department of Dermatology; March 2007- July 2010
Assistant Program Director, Department of Dermatology Residency Program; December 2004-October 2008
University Health Service; Clinical faculty-Dermatology; February 2006-January 2007
Mendota Mental Health Institute, staff psychiatrist; 2003 - 2006
Medical Consultant; Department of Corrections, State of Wisconsin; 2004-2006
Private practice; Semnan, Iran; 1988-89
Family Health Centers of Semnan and Kerman, Iran; 1986-89
Bank Melli Iran Hospital, Tehran, Iran; 1989


Medical School
Diploma in Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University, Iran. 1986

Dermatology and Venereology residency training: University of Claude Bernard, Lyon/France 1989-1993

Psychiatry residency training: West Virginia University, Charleston Area Medical Center 1997-1999

Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin, School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, Wisc: 1999-2001

Certificate of Medical Education Development And Leadership (MEDAL)-Program design, 2003-2004

Diploma: Clinical Trials Investigator, University Claude Bernard - Lyon, France.1994

Certificate of Maitrise in Clinical Pharmacology, University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France.1994

Certificate of Maitrise in clinical Research and Epidemiology, University Claude Bernard, Lyon, France.1994






Education and Research services:

Psychocutaneous workshops and training for dermatology and psychiatry programs.  

Research design for Psychocutaneous problems for dermatology programs as well as pharmaceutical companies

Clinical Services:  

Adult general psychiatry consultations and coverage available for hospitals, offices, general practitioners and family medicine offices.

Consultations are offered in person and via Telepsychiatry modality.


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